Mutual Fund- Wellworth Share & Stock Broking Ltd. (WSSBL)

Mutual funds offer a platform to participate in the equity and debt market indirectly through professional management. Wellworth is registered with BSE STAR MF, which is an online investment platform for Mutual Funds.

Mutual funds are becoming the most popular investment vehicle offering various kinds of schemes with different investment objectives making them one of the safest, easiest and convenient ways of successful investment making. The investments are in congruence to the laid down investment objectives securing the goals & objectives of the unitholders.

At Wellworth Share & Stock Broking Ltd. (WSSBL), we understand the financial goals our clients and provide them with a one-stop solution to cater to their investment needs.

Our dedicated mutual fund desk provides a gamut of services:

- Need-based advisory fully backed with solid research- Mutual Fund advise will not only be based on the past performance but will also be analyzed on the current holdings of the scheme

- Dedicated Mutual fund advisors to understand your needs and build a prudent portfolio.

- Monthly review of portfolios.

- Monthly Fact-sheet covering our analysis of various funds.

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