Advisory Services

At WSSBL, our highly trained and experienced professionals are entrusted to carry out Advisory Services on behalf of our clients without compromising our fiduciary role as the trustee for the client. We also draw upon our strong network of corporate clients and high net-worth individuals and retail clients to market the financial services.

At first, we adopt the Financial Planning Approach to identify the appropriate investment product suitable for a client. Instead of using traditional methods to sell the financial products, we interact with the client and based on our understanding of the client’s priorities, perform a Needs-Analysis, based on which we design a customised investment plan. The plan is designed to maximise the client’s wealth and it takes into account their financial resources, risk appetite, the purpose for which the investment is made e.g. for children’s higher education or retirement planning and tax benefits.

At this stage, we do not stop after preparation and implementation of the investment plan but we continue to monitor the same on a day to day basis. We advise our clients to make the necessary changes in the plan depending upon the market scenario from time to time and according to the objectives/triggers which may be pre-decided upon in consultation with the client.

Flexible & Customizable
Goal Oriented
Risk Management