Globalization has led to the interconnection of the national economies. Currency trading services is an excellent platform to trade in currency futures. This sector has high liquidity and comparatively low transaction cost as well as low commissions. In the futures market lot and contract size are determined by the exchanges which are fixed in nature. This also allows traders to trade in multiple lots. Currency Derivatives has emerged as an important and interesting new asset class for investors.

• Buying and Selling of Currency Futures is available on the NSE supported platform and the trading hours for this market are from 9am-5pm.

• Any individual who wishes to operate in this market is required to open a Forex Trading Account.

• In Indian exchanges, currency derivatives segment provides trading in derivative instruments like currency futures on 4 currency pairs, cross-currency futures & options on 3 currency pairs (EUR-USD, GBP-USD, and USD-JPY).

Investors depending on their financial goals and investment objectives may consider trading in currency options:

Technical-Analysis Investors who want to participate in the forex market
without trading or holding any currency
Fundamental-Analysis Speculators who have strong views on the currency
market and its future movement
Technical-Analysis Hedgers who are looking to protect their remittance